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Apart from providing best software products, ebooks and social media services - choose a SEO course that will help you learn more about various social media avenues. These are in the form of ebooks, video training and various other packages that will help you educate yourself and grow your business via social media. Buy any of our products at a special discount price only today...

All our courses are easy to understand, sequential and fantastic value. Aimed at beginners/intermediates these packages are £75.00 - £100.00 elsewhere so our current price is a massive discount. These SEO courses are sequential and each module builds on the next. The best thing though is that you can do it in 10 minute chunks and revision couldn't be easier.....just watch it again.

Instagram Marketing

As Instagram get huge this is a small investment for a huge customer return. Let this SEO course build you strong trustworthy relationships with your Instagram followers, convert followers to paying customers. This is a course of 10 videos each one covering a separate topic, just open an Instagram account, follow the course and get marketing. Even covers taking great pictures.

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Twitter Marketing

People fail on Twitter because they Tweet without a proper system and strategy. This DIY SEO course will give you all the advice on how to create a powerful Twitter Marketing plan and get right type of followers on Twitter. This is a course of 10 videos, starting with brand, synergy, quality content and strategy. There are even angles to Twitter you may not have considered.

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Pinterest Marketing

Did you know people spend MORE money on Pinterest than any other social media platform. This 10 video course on an underrated media will walk you through Pinterest marketing to optimise time money and results. Why bother, Twitter and Facebook are bigger? It's closer than you think and for some products Pinterest marketing is perfect. If you market to females you should be here!

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Facebook Marketing

Want to become a Facebook Ads expert? Download this DIY SEO course to increase conversions via Facebook Ads. This course is for anyone with a product, service, brand, or public figure they need to PROMOTE on Facebook. These 9 videos cover the lot, from creating a page, creating advertisements and tweaking them on the 2nd biggest site in the world. REVIEW HERE.

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Linkedin Marketing

If you're not able to get business leads and sales from LinkedIn? THEN this is the course for you! This SEO course shows how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, and develop new strategies to get business leads. Serious business love this DIY SEO to keep their business professional. Market yourself and market your business and make your page stand out. REVIEW HERE.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the most effective internet marketing method that you can use in an online business. This course will make you an expert in email marketing to build effective campaigns. Build your list, keep it clean and give your emails value. 10 videos on how to sell through your list. Even if you don't do your own campaigns you will better understand your companies strategy.

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Kindle Publishing

This SEO course will walk you through step by step on how to write a successful kindle book. Starting from topics to write on, how to get content and how to market your book. Your own publication is intensely satisfying. A sequence of videos to identify niches and how to get your book fully ranked. Write your own eBooks and then publish and market your eBooks through Kindle

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CPA Marketing course

Learn and excel from A to Z about CPA Marketing. You can start your online business with little or no investment. Unlike other marketing tactics where you pay to advertise your brand with no guarantee of sales, CPA marketing allows you to only pay after the sale occurs at a rate you determine.

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Instagram Stories Course

This course will walk you through step by step on how to write a successful Instagram story. Stories are the way Instagram builds its followers that ultimately lead to product referral. The course covers Instagram accounts, great pictures and live streaming. This ten video SEO course also covers sponsors and monetising

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YouTube Celebrity Course

Building a YouTube channel with you or your products as the star needs a manager! This course will put you on course without the need to share your talent with anyone.

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Video Marketing

This course will help you in creating highly effective and professional videos on a budget. It also help you find different website to distribute and get maximum views for your videos.

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Marketing with Pinterest

Did you know you can use Pinterest for business? If you want to find out then get this course to learn how to grow your business with Pinterest Marketing strategies.

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List Building

In this course you will learn how to grow your email list to1000 and beyond. Create amazing offers and lead magnets for your business and drive 1000s of people to your website or blog without any Ads

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YouTube & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is bringing in from $200 to $100K and beyond. With this course you will be able to work towards making you a side income or a full time income and be independent. This course will help beginners make strategies to grow their business with affiliate marketing

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